Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did You See it Coming?

Ever since resurrecting ye olde blog, I've been meaning to get around to talking about the Health Care reform that's been kicking around Congress. But I've been going through this little thing called being really lazy, and knowing those rascally little elected representatives, I figured I had MONTHS of feet-draggety goodness ahead of me to moan about. And wouldn't you know it, I do!

But instead of that, let's move on to a new feature, one I like to call "Meet the Congressor!" (Yes, I'm still saying that. It's gender-neutral and sounds like 'transgressor,' which implies naughtiness.)

For the inaugural edition, I've selected Mr. Scott Brown, who recently filled the Massachusetts Senatorial seat long held by Mr. Ted Kennedy.

Aside from being a Republican who managed to get elected in MASSACHUSETTS to Ted Kennedy's old spot, Scott is a Scorpio, and exactly two months older than my mom. His daughter was in the top 16 on American Idol the year that dude with the grey hair won, and as you MAY have heard, he was voted Cosmo's sexiest man back in 1982, an honor for which he posed in the buff. (What, you thought this was going to be full of useful information? Please.)

He's served in the Army National Guard, likes to run triathlons, and play basketball. His wife, Gail is a reporter, and they met in 1985 while both were working as models.

Politically speaking, Scott is a somewhat moderate republican. He's pro-death penalty, sort of anti-abortion, sort of anti-gay marriage, and sort of handsome. Or maybe I just think he is because every time I look at him, I imagine John Hamm. See below:

Oh Kristen Wiig, how you run SNL these days.

Well, kids that's it for me pretending to be responsible for a while.

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  1. What are you talking about, this IS useful information.